Travels and Voyages

It is an ancient Mariner,
And he stoppeth one of three.
"By thy long grey beard and glittering eye,
Now wherefore stopp'st thou me?

The Bridegroom's doors are opened wide,
And I am next of kin;
The guest are met, the feast is set:
May'st hear the merry din."

He holds him with his skinny hand,
"There was a ship". quoth he.
"Hold off! unhand me, grey-beard loon!"
Eftsoons his hand dropt he.

He holds him with his glittering eyes--
The Wedding-Guest stood still,
And listens like a three years' child:
The mariner hath his will.

The Wedding-Guest sat on a stone:
He cannot choose but hear;
And thus spake on that ancient man,
The bright eyed Mariner.

"The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared,
Merrily did we drop
Below the kirk, below the hill,
Below the lighthouse top."

--The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

With my coming to Pittsburgh came a desire to go visit places. Well not really. It was Anandha that got me into the groove of travelling. I did not bother getting a driving licence till late, so the only means of travel for me was public transport or air travel. Anandha had his licence long before me, so he was the one who could drive us to various destinations. Also, he has a really good sense for planning a vacation. Anyway, first time we travelled, it was to Niagra Falls. After that, we travelled, in total, three times to Boston. Two times it was in a car and one time it was air-travel.

After coming to Atlanta, I tavelled a lot more. I mean, Jitesh bought a car and we travelled to Panama City, Savannah, Smoky Mountains, Charlotte, Virginia Tech, New York, Washington and once to Forth Worth and St. Antonio. So, the past two years have been quite fruitful in terms of travel. We visited a multitude of places and saw quite a bit.

Much of the writing and graphic stories narrated are a result of these excursions. So what if you did not go to these places with me, sit back, relax and enjoy the virtual trip.