Our (Meel, Ghosh, Jitesh and Sanjeev's) visit to Thakur's place at Virginia Tech.

Pictures (mostly) by Jitesh and (a couple) by Sanjeev. Narrative by Sanjeev.
(Note that you can get a bigger size pic by clicking on the THUMBnail). The original pics are very big and hence not suitable for putting on web. If anyone desires the original one, let me know and I will mail them to you seperately.
Ghosh is always pleased to have a photo taken
Meel shows as if he is indifferent
We are amused!
It is hot and Thakur wants a car ride.
There was not an hour during all three days when meel was not on phone.
Ghosh thought for a while,
And acquired the role of swamiji (giving fundaes)
But when told what he was turning into, he could not take it.
You see, he is now entering a trance.
We went hiking to cascade falls. Ghosh and I gave a NIRMA ad.
Ghos was up to his tactics as usual. I was lugging behind with the weight of my photo gear.
A nice stream/river accompanied us
Both Meel and Ghosh got tired at the very beginning. They started taking rest.
Thakur was cajoeling ghosh to pose with him.
Ghosaldo, the great, obliged.
Jitesh did not want to be left behind.
Ghosh thought that meel also wanted his "Kripa", Meel said, "******* ****"
The river kept giving nice views
I was fixing my camera when Jitesh shot us.
After Meel had made ghosh realize that he was above Ghosh, Ghosh suddenly also realized it and bowed down to touch his feet.
Meel forgives easily. Now he gives aashirvaad to Ghosaldo.
Hum sab ek hain.
Ye Danda Ghosh ki **** me jayega.
Nahi ******* ke, teri **** me.
Auntiji also came down to the river.
I took another shot as well.
Ghosh is very unstable because of his motapa, he was trying to get past to the river bank when he splashed his foot into the river. Look closely and you will find one of his joota wet.
Even though, Jitesh is now a bit mota, he sprinted and got away.
Ghosh tried to take support of the tree to get away.
Later he explained to Meel, "Abey wo dande wali baat bhool ja yaar, sab galatfahmi hai!"
"Man, the river keeps flowing"
Yeah, look at that
Between the boulders
And more boulders, and a drop
Soon Ghosh got tired and was at the end of the procession.
What! it is a hilly river. What do you expect?
We stopped to look at a small fall.
Which one is bigger? My tond or Ghosaldo's Tond?
Jitesh and Ghosh laugh when Ghosh tries to compare his tond with Jitesh's.
The whole group poses (except for me, cause I am taking the pic)
More river
GST with river.
River again,
As it was not enough, another stream decided to join the river.
Eventually, we reached the end of the trail.
Nice fall!
Some of the Pioneers tried to reach to the fall through rapid rushing water.
Auntiji did not have enthu for that
Ghosh tried to follow suit but everyone being sprite moved away fastly. Ghosh too tried to be sprite and slipped and an earthquake came. Some of the rocks slipped and the situation became dicey. What to do? Ghosh stood there helplessely. I decided that years of Gym going were going to put to test. I started all alone to help Ghosh in his endeavor.
I started on the difficult task.
Meanwhile, Thakur wanted to look closely at the Fall.
Ghosh cried again, "Mujhe bacha lo yaaron"
"Dar mat Ghosh, mai aa raha hoon!"
"Hum to pahunch gaye!"
"Lo mai aa gaya!"
My rescue mission was successful, "Ye! hum sab saath saath hain"
How tall was the fall!
Ghosh, hum tera haath nahi chorenge! (notice the pronunciation)
Janam, janam ka saath hai hamara tumhara!
Thakur says, "Yahoo! mai to slim hoon"
"..Aur meri smile 100 watt ki hai"
"Meel was the second to arrive back"
I did some reconissance
And then told Ghosh, it was safe to cross.
Hum Ram Lakhan kabhi saath nahi chorenge
Jitesh was giving fundaes on Mech to GST, but GST was dazed.
When he came to senses, I took this pic
Jitesh with my photu gear.
Back at last! The visitor center
blah, blah!
"Ye lemonade pi le Meel"
"Na, na, lemonade bahut garam hai"
Ghosh, the petu, could not help drinking the lemonade, then he shouts "Hai mera muh jal gaya"
"Chalo koi baat nahi"
"Garam bhi chalegi"
"Smoking fire.."
At a state park.
Another shot.
Nice lake
and Nice boat.
Umm, nice scenery, uh, jitesh and ghosh.
You told wrong, my smile is 200 Watts.
This bandi was VERY well endowed.
Boating was not possible, so we walked.
Compare the two butts!
Meel says, "tum dono mere bhai ho!"
Ghosh did a small "Bihu dance"
Everyone went to the beach.
they posed.
Auntiji went to the edge of the river.
GST was there too.
GST poses.
Ghosh, et. al
The muddy river
Mother and the son. Take-I
Mother and the son. Take-II
Mother and the son. Take-III