of a Birthday, Friends and Dead Trees

Nisha had come to Atlanta. I know her from Pittsburgh. So anyway, plans were underway to go meet her. Also, it was near Ravi's birthday. So anyway, Nisha and Yatin (her hubby) were staying at Ravi's place. I had a few deadlines but they got postponed and I was ready to have some fun. So, half an hour of driving and I was at Ravi's place. Lakshmi was already there and of course, being Ravi's place, he was there too. Sundar had gone to pick Nisha and Yatin from the Marta station. It seems somehow Sundar managed to take them on a detour while on the way and we had to wait a while before they arrived . We had dinner at a Greek place called Mythos (myths, in Greek). Nice place. Had live music too.

Driving at 2:00am in the morning, listening to some hard rock, keeping awake, I reached home and crashed on the bed. Next day, near noon, when I woke up, my cell was ringing, "When are you coming over?", came the enquiry. "Fifteen minutes to get ready, thirty to drive". Shortly, I was on the road again.

Meeting at Ravi's place, we decided to get to Rising Rolls, a sandwich place. Once we had food in the tummies, we decided to head to someplace near nature. Now Ravi and I had some discussions about possible parks, venues to get to, but none of them were finalized. We eventually decided to head to the Chattahoochee River Recreation Area. I had heard about this particular park quite a few times but never got the chance to go visit it. So, anyway, today was the chance and I did not want to miss over.

Ravi was driving and I was in the passenger seat. The ladies were in the back and after much chatter between the ladies we reached the park. "Dogs on leash" , a visual sign proclaimed.

Chattahoochee recreational area has a paved hiking trail. It seems very well travelled. Come to think of it, I think it is one of the better known hiking trails. Right off GA-400, it is easily accessible, is right next to a river and has a very low gradient, making it a family trail.

There is quite some flora and fauna around. The river boasts of many geese and cranes and trouts. The trail is surrounded by relatively sparse growth of trees. There are many fallen trees, some intentionally cut down, some fallen from age and disease.

People walked and talked. Talked mostly. I was cranky in the early morning hours and instead of trying to make smalltalk, I just busied myself with taking pictures.

Some of the trees and vines in the area are really pretty and amazing. Look at the vine hanging from the heavans.
And as I said, the fallen trees, makes quite a spectacle.

From death arises life, like a phoneix, from its own ashes.