Asia Cultural Festival at Atlanta Botanical Garden

I have used slide film for the first time (Fuji Astia, ISO100) and I am totally taken with the results. Just one look at the slides themselves (no, no, not using any magnifier, just directly through naked eyes) bowled me over. The results are so beautiful, I almost cried tears of joy. I am not going back the road of film again. Eh, why did I ever use negative film? The color saturation, the detail, I do not know what more to say. Of course you cannot really look at all the detail because of the small size of the images, the original 2400dpi scan shows enormous detail. I can of course not put that here because of space constraints. I used Aperture priority mode exclusively in the following. The aperture has varied between f/2.8 (90%) to f/5 (10%). Shutter speed varied from 1/125 to 1/350. The lens used is 105mm f/2.8D nikkor.

I was planning to attend all of the folk (cultural) dances and presentations, but somehow we got hung in innumerable trifle things and were delayed by an hour. The whole show was only 2 hr long but things got stretched and I was present there for like 1 hr and 45 minutes. I had not seen cultural presentations for a long time and the whole thing was so full of color, that I just clicked, clicked and clicked.

Chinese dresses and folk dances:

Thai dress and dance performed by two very young (14 yr old) girls.