Slide film vs Print (negative) film

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After much hesitation, I chose the path of slide film. I was not sure what slide film was and how it differed from print film and why should I use it or not use it. Probably you will find all that you require from the above links. For the casual reader, I just want to say that slide film is film that comes into the standard photo film package that you buy at any standard store. Just to alleviate all confusions, I am including an image of it right here.

In a line, slide-film is exactly like ordinary film, you load it exactly the same way into exactly the same camer. The difference is in end result. You get the slide film developed and get the "negatives" back. Only, these negatives are not negatives but actually positives. You can look at the negatives and at the actual image on it. Usually, each "negative" (henceforth referred to as "slide") is encased in a cardboard casing, which is called as a "slide-mount". This is how a mounted slide would look like (Note that the outer black border is not part of the mount ;).

Now, slide film has very fine "grain" as compared to negative film (also called print film). This means that when a slide will be scanned (or used to make an enlarged print), it can produce a very fine image as compared to the negative. Also, slide film can hold a lot more detail than the negative film. This means that you can scan slide film to very high resolutions and get tons of details. Colors are usually more vibrant with slide film as well. For negative film, scanning beyond a limit just produces a lot of noise and grain. Since by now your head would be buzzing regarding, what the heck it means "fine image" "detail", I am putting an example here. Click on the thumbnails to produce big images. However, be cautious because the images are somewhat big (approx 0.5MB to 0.75MB).

Slide-film (ISO 100, Fuji Astia)

Print (negative) film (Kodak 400)
Notice how in the slide scan you can look at individual pearls in the crown on the head of the dancer, while in the negative scan, colors are kind of faded as well not much detail can be seen.

This page was created after somewhat long and frustrating talk with Cholleti Sharath Reddy while explaining what slide film meant, and why it is better.