Redtop Mountain State Park in Late Spring 2006

Breaking many promises to Ravi for going hiking, somehow this one finally went through. I called Ravi in the night and told him that I would be coming down to his place and we would go hiking. He agreed.

Getting up in the morning was not an easy job. I had hardly a few hours of sleep. Somehow I took a shower and called Ravi that I was coming down. He was still in bed. After I reached his place, he came out and greeted me with a "I thought just like all those other times, you would not show up at the last moment." Well, here I was. I said, "I am not driving, I am still a bit groggy and sleepy, so get your car keys." Originally, I had planned to go to the Fort Moutain State Park but we decided on someplace closer and decided on Redtop state park.

The forward journey was alright, I was awake and talking. We reached there, took a map from the visitor center and started on the trails. I had been to Redtop Mt. State park earlier but I had never seen it so lush green. The trees were light green all over, the leaves budding in the late spring. The weather was perfect, sunny, interspersed with clouds. First we took a little loop along the lakeshore (Lake Allatoona). On the way, I noticed a lot of older women dressed in traditional southern dresses, grilling and serving people. We walked a bit further and under a canvas roof, many kids and an old lady were sitting. I guess they were celebrating "ways of the south" or something similar. So, the old lady was teaching the kids how to make dolls out of discarded corn husk. There I took the portrait of the southern girl.

Finished there, we continued to a small trail and reached another lake shore. This one was a bit more solitary. We saw a mermaid resting on the rocks. We sat by the side of the lake, on the rocks. I took my shoes off and dipped my feet in the lake water. It was cold and soothing on the warm summer day. We sat there and talked for a while.

Eventually, we got up and went onwards with the other trail. This one was about 5.5 miles. By the time we finished, we were both tired and headed to the excellent Mountain Cove Restaurant located within the state park. Last time I came over, they had something called a Keylime Pie and I absolutely loved it. Since I was back, I thought why not have it again. So, we both had a little pie each and a few loaves of sweetened bread. Thus ended the journey and we headed back.