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Well dude/gal, you have arrived at this web site because you either know Sanjeev Dwivedi or because you are a resident of pratapgarh. In either case, be patient. Sanjeev is not really a very serious student but he gets lazy often and has lot of things to do. Primary of these things are: habit to sleep late and hence wake up late, photography, meddling with Linux, biking and rollerblading and a sudden interest in dancing and taekwondo.

Pratapgarh Railway Station/Junction
Even though I am a Computer Scientist, time and again, something inside me just craves to tell stories. People have told me that I am a good story-teller. Whatever, sometimes I just feel this urgency to say something, to create something beautiful. The feeling is so strong that if I don't do something right away, I would probably burst open. Many of the stories and pages on this web site are a result of this sudden outburst.

If you feel very frustrated at this site not having anything so far that you want it to have, feel free to drop him a mail. at . The Narcissist in him is here.

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Meanwhile, try to digest the following facts about this place.

Aonla fruit at my Bareilly home
This district (and an extremely beautiful one too), lies between 25 o 34' and 26 o 11' latitudes while between 81 o 19' and 82 o 27' longitudes . Primarily, an agragrian district, for a while now, Pratapgarh has risen in ranks as the top producer of Aonla (According to, Amla, phyllanthus emblica, is a medium-sized deciduous tree. It is also named Emblica officinalis. It belongs to the plant family euphorbiaceae. It is also called Aonla, Aola, Amalaki, Dharty and Indian Gooseberry. See picture for illustration) fruit. It is a multi-purpose fruit, is extremely rich in vitamin C, helps cure gastro-intestinal disorders, is said to encourage youth and liveliness and is exported all over india and possibly over world in form of sweets and medicines.

(Stats from

Belha Bhawani Devi is worshipped as a deity in this place. Bhagwan Ram crossed the river Sai when going for Vanvas (exile) and paid his tribute at the banks of Sai. Bhagwan Ram (see image to the right), was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, born to human parents, King Dashrath and Queen Kausilya. He was born to fulfill the curse placed on Lord Vishnu by Brahma Rishi (ascetic) Narada. He was the eldest among four valiant brothers, but when the time to take the throne came, he was banished from the kingdom for twelve years by his step mother Kaikeyi. He had to resort to live in the Dandakranya forest for this duration, where he fought many Demons and eventually vanquished Ravana, the greatest of all Demons.

Belha Bhawani Devi Temple
on the banks of Sai

He is considered by the Hindu Mythology to be the perfect human being in all aspects. He is worshipped all over India and the tale of his life is told in epic poem books "Ram Charit Manas" and "Ramayana" respectively.

The village of Parasrampur (my native village) is said to be founded by Alha. Alha and Udal were two valiant brothers. I will tell their story some other day.
My family, that comes from Parasrampur, Pratapgarh

Left to right (top) : (Manish, Mom, Dad)
Left to right (bottom): (Sanjeev) Me, Kshama and Rajeev
Location: Our house at Bareilly.
Time: Sometime early August, 2000, just before I started for USA.
My cutest nephew Shiva .

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