The term dickless yuppie comes from an article by Philip Greenspun where he gives his advice on what camera (if you consider photography seriously) should you buy.

If you do not either have the patience or time to read his article - which incidentally is an excellent article anotated with some nice pictures - I will summarize it for you.

A camera body (howsoever wonderful) cannot perform any miracles unless accompanied by a good lens. Thus lens is the more important deciding factor in how good your pictures come out, rather than the camera body.

According to Phil, "After a year of having this advice on the Web, I've noticed that most people are ignoring it and filling the Q&A forum with questions like "which (cheap) Minolta zoom lens should I get for this latest (whizzy) Minolta body?" So I guess I am going to have to have some kind of bottom line recommendation for men whose penises are too small for the Yashica T4 and whose wallets are too thin for a set of lenses that would take a better picture than the $150 Yashica T4. Here it is... If you must have an electronic wonder body and a cheapish wide/tele zoom lens, get the Canon Elan 7 and 24-85 lens. The Canon Elan 7 offers the best features of the Canon system: dual control wheels and the ability to move AF to the exposure lock button. The 24-85 is reasonably good quality, the wide setting is truly wide, and it has the delicious ring USM AF motor. Do not buy a third-party (and therefore non-USM lens) for a Canon EOS. Do not waste your money on a slow 70-210 zoom.

If you want to do something similar in the Nikon world, the N80 plus the 24-120 zoom would not be a bad toy.

If after reading this, you are still tempted to buy an expensive Nikon F100 body and cheap Tamron 28-200 zoom lens, keep in mind that you could make exactly the same public statement at a $1200 savings. Just buy a white T-shirt and a black laundry marker. Use the marker to write "I'm a dickless yuppie" on the front."