IITG: Various facets of life; moving to the campus

When we started going to the campus for classes, initially, we were all very very taken by the campenile beauty. The first people to attend classes in campus were the Mechanical Engg. students. Out of curiosity, I once took a ride with them to the campus. Their classes were held in a big room, which was still undergoing construction, had a big sheet of vinyl hanging from the roof and was extremely unkempt. That day, I roamed around the campus; it was a hot and humid day, just like any other Guwahati day; flies buzzed once in a while, the water in the ponds had not completely dried and the only shade available was under the palm and coconut trees.

When classes for all of us started at the campus, it was fun. On rainy days, the campus showed its true beauty. The hills would have clouds lazily strolling on top of them, it would drizzle and make you shiver and since the campus was set on high ground, water would gather all around the campus, making us feel like we were on some island.

I have heard from many people, that people from IITs are geeks, but personally, I feel that one would be amazed at the varied interests, opinions and kind of people one could come across if they interacted with us. Heera, Shariq and even Patangay were hardcore Gym enthusiasts, Khemka could play TT like there was no need to hurry, Ritesh was deep into Soccer, Appaji was in photography, Shakti et al. were into carrom.
Holi time at hostel was a really fun time. In the first semester, some people got totally overboard and the hostel was drowning in color and water from third floor to the 1st floor (literally). Shakti was feeling a bit shy and hid himself in his room and locked the door. Poor door could not handle the combined assault of all of us and eventually, Shakti was dragged out and colored in gulal(traditional color).
At Ganeshguri, we had space enough for a volleyball court in the backyard. To keep the guys from oggling (and hooting and whistling) at all the girls passing by our hostel, the authorities promply built a volleyball court in there. After a hard day at the campus, we took our frustrations out through some physical exertion. Frequently, the matches would continue past 11:00pm and neighbors would complain of the noise we made during the game.