This picture was taken by the side of the 14th street in Atlanta on the First or Second day that I got my Digital Camera. You can imagine the size of the flower by comaring it with the fly with the broken wing. Approximately the size of your thumbnail.
These two pictures were taken on a Camping/Hiking trip to Cloudland Canyon Park. The first picture is that of flowering moss on the ground (incredible, isn't it.) The pine cone is just one of the million pine cones on the trees.
One day I was riding my bike on my way from home to GCATT and I saw this big mushroom near the sidewalk, I had my digicam with me, so I took these pics.
These two flower pictures are from the Piedmont park. The first one is just some wild flower whereas the other one is flower from a tree I don't recognize.
These birds were caputred on film when we (Jitesh, Ashish, Vivek and I) visited Panama City. The first one is from St. George Island Sanctuary and other one was taken from a ferry.
These two pictures are from somewhere around Homepark area.
Walking on Atlantic Drive from College of Computing to GCATT, this tiny spider on a flower caught my attention and I took a few Macro Shots.
These two images are from my visit to Chattanooga, both from the Rock city, near Lovers' Leap (there is the story that a Red Indian chieftain did not want his daughter to marry a certain person and ordered him to be thrown from the cliff. After the deed was done, the girl could not bear the thought and jumped off the cliff after him...)