In any party, if you carry a camera, you are the odd man out. Taking candid shots earns you funny looks and hence you have to do that sneakishly. The results are blurred, hasty, under/overexposed pictures. Use of flash is almost unforgivable when two people are talking and hence all the more reason for blurring and underexposure. The pictures on this page are hence released under LGPL (Lesser GNU's public licence). The terms can be found on www.gnu.org. I offer no warranty at all regarding how you will look in the pictures. The words are not meant to hurt anyone, but if you get hurt, it was unintentional. If you are below 18, please leave the page. If you are above 18 and get offended easily, please do not look below the horlizontal line immediately after this sentence. If you are above 18 and still want to continue. Chant "Sanjeev is a good guy" thrice. If you have followed all the directions above and find yourself suitable for looking below, go ahead and enjoy!
Ravi, the host, still in dark about what we brought at the potluck!
Some people spoke and some listened, these two were up to listening
Sridhar and his wife, Jaya. Light was low and hence shutter speed was low too. Using flash makes me the target of many a evil look, that is why you see the blurring in the picture caused by motion and low shutter speed.
Jaya will have my head for taking two consecutive shots where she is blurred.
Aaah, finally an ok shot.
Ok, switching to a higher film speed makes the pictures look just OK. But the grain, it is too obtrusive.
The new face is Manish's brother. Abhishek from the very beginning decided not to get out of the kitchen. Christos gives some fundaes of life to Pradnya over extremely strong liquor.
Abhishek came from the kitchen, totally tipsy and spilled a little alcohol. Now he tries to undo the deed. Notice however that he is making the condition worse. He is drunk howsoever and hence does not realize that.
Richard came prepared with a card game. Of course the cards had to be written by us. Right now, no one was interested, so he was writing them all by himself.
See, I told Abhishek was tipsy.
Minaxi came in. First she apologized for not bringing anything, but then she confided, I am gonna eat soooooo much.
Richard is Pradnya's labmate. After he asked her to write some cards, Pradnya could not refuse.
Sridhar tells Christos the secret of a happy married life over "again a cup of strong liquor"
Our tummies were growling so we decided to eat. Ravi brought out some cutlery.
Now look at all that food!
More food!
And even more!
Even the drunk ones smelled the foods and followed instinctively.
Richard does everything with full concentration. Right now he is determined to fully enjoy the delicious food.
Abhishek says, come on dude, I am drunk, gimme the chair.
Of course, Amogh is too lazy and does not give way.
Somehow, everytime Minaxi comes to a party, she finds some woman or other to talk to and for the rest of the party, the two won't budge from their place to do anything else.
We started playing Richard's game. A deck of card was passed around. Each card had something "weird and funky" written on it. If the person performed the action written on the card, they got the number of points specified on the card. Everyone tried to be as vile as possible when writing the cards.
Someone became a scapegoat!
I too enjoyed the scapegoat!
Aaah, I already told you about Minaxi!. Jaya and Minaxi talked the rest of the party. ( I am guesssing they are talking about how husbands these days are!!)
Nothing, except a very bad pic.
Yarong played the part of a Klingon and growled fiercely. Of course she is not a fierce person, so it seemed like she was in utter pain. Everyone howled with laughter.
Abhishek is TIPSY and TOO FULL. Now he cannot sit anymore, so he decides to take a quick nap.
He definitely is tipsy and hence decides to compare his biceps with MINE!
Minaxi was asked to tell which food was worst. She did not want to hurt anybody, so she passed the turn and lost all points.
Amogh was asked to perform pushups. He went 1,2...15, when Christos pulled his leg and his point count stopped.
Jaya got the card which said, tell your beloved what you really hate about them, while shaking your finger in their face. She did that very willingly and gave us a lot of insight in sridhar's dark side.