Potluck party at Shashi's: A narrative

Abhishek and I arrived first. Abhishek is a big fan of alchohol, Even before Shanti (Shashi's Wife) told him that there was Sangriya (Wine + Fruits) was there, he sniffed it and poured a glassful for himself.
Pradnya did not want to be left behind, so she grabbed a glass too.
We were waiting for everyone to arrive. I took a stroll outside and took some pictures. It was raining and slightly dark too. This was a branch that was wet and dripping. It was hard to focus the camera because it does not have an AF assist lamp.
Just another flower
I love healthy leaves
Look how overcast the sky was. This color picture looks like Black and White
So does this one.
And this one too.
We had planned to play volleyball, but the court looked like a pool. I know swimming and hence I was ready to play poolball, but othes did not want to swim.
Some pine cones had earlier tried to play volleyball in the court, but now they were soaked and sitting outside trying to dry out.
The volleyball court was surrounded by some vegetation. I wanted to go beyond that fence and take some pictures, but it was locked. So, I zoomed in the camera and took some pics.
Hehe, it seems Shashi lives in a jungle.
Well, maybe some shrubs.
Or maybe sugarcane field.
Forgive me for using flash.
Try forgiving once again.
Srini was trying to pull Pradnya's leg.
Minaxi thought for a while.
And started speaking very vehemently.
Then some people started playing carrom.
The ladies all huddled together and talked on "Grr.. Girl Power"
Shashi was giving fundaes on Carrom to Yarong.
Srini and Abhishek tried to join their conversation.
Shanti was telling how much she drinks.
We started playing dumb sharades. Yarong laughed like crazy on others.
But we had our chance.
and after much cajoeling, Chi,
Ravi ,
and Shashi also acted their parts.
Surprisingly, Chi could be coaxed again :D
Forgive me, I forgot to put the flash back to powerful mode. I was taking flash pictures of flowers and I needed a very low flash value. Later when shooting indoors, it just slipped my mind to turn it back to larger value.