The Dark Side of the Man

Hmmm, much remains to be said, the dark side prevails every now and then.

"...It was a dark, stormy night...", typed Snoopy, attempting to create yet another masterpiece, and then halted. What should come next? What expresses the feelings of a dark, gloomy mood? Words are hard to come by when you wish to express your other side. The side that is not oft seen, lurks in the shadows, comes out fierce and roaring when it gets fodder to feed the flame.

My baddest t-shirt!
"...dark clouds hid the moon, the lightening thundered, the werewolf howled a sad melancholy cry and reverted back to his human form and realized the monster he had become." Erm, sounds scary, doesn't it? Fear not my friend, I am nothing like a werewolf. In fact, I am quite rational and try to find solutions to problems that I have in life. If there is no solution, then I just take whatever comes. Sometimes, I meet people who are totally illogical, irrational, irritating and try to use others and it bugs me to no end. Most of the time, the course of action I take is to avoid such people, but then there are those who will anyway drive you up the wall. The recourse: I just tell them that they bug me to no end and that I do not wish to have any contact with them whatsoever.

Come to think of it, I am a peace loving peson and go along well with most of the people. Most of the people I have come in contact with will probably rate me as harmless, hah, except those who have seen the werewolf ;)